Utricularia calycifida

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utricularia calycifida Is a beautiful utric that love to be very boggy. The blooms are beautiful pink spotted little orchid like flowers! 

You will receive a 1 inch plug. 

Please see supplies section for summer and winter shipping, with out a heat pack or cool pack we are not responsible for plants that arrive cooked or with frost damage, refunds will not be issued if you fail to add one to your order during hot and cold weather spikes. 

Soil: peat moss and perlite 

Water: distilled or rainwater only. Loves to have deep water, even likes to be partially submerged. Very aquatic but can handle periods of short dryness. 

Temp/humidity- temp 60-85f degrees humidity around 55-85% 

Light- shade, burns very easily under intense lighting keep shaded. 

Dormancy: none! Enjoy all year! 

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