Utricularia ‘Florida Mix’

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utricularia ‘Florida Mix’ is a mix of two types of urticularia located in Florida. They are short grassy looking leaves that cover the substrate with lush green coverage with beautiful tiny little yellow and purple flowers. The underground traps eat small insects in the substrate and also eat algae! These are a great addition to any bog! 

You will receive a 1 inch bare root plug. 

Please see supplies section for summer and winter shipping, with out a heat pack or cool pack we are not responsible for plants that arrive cooked or with frost damage, refunds will not be issued if you fail to add one to your order during hot and cold weather spikes. 

Substrate: Peat moss and perlite.

Light: Full sun or grow light equivalent. 

Water: distilled or rain water only, keep very wet, semi-aquatic to aquatic conditions. Don't ever let dry out but allow the water levels to fluctuate increasing water levels in spring. 

Dormancy: none.

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