Pinguicula Jaumavensis X Cyclosecta

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A beautiful hybrid of Jaumavensis x cyclosecta with beautiful flowers to match 

Small cultivar- you will receive approximately 1/2”-1 inch plant 

Mature size: About 1-2 inches in diameter

Flower: Small, dark or bright royal purple flower with dark veining and a white center

Light: Filtered full sun or similar grow light

Humidity: 40-75% with adequate airflow

Temperature: 55-80°F

Soil: pumice, lava rock, perlite, silica sand, vermiculite. 

Feeding: Feed a tiny speck of rehydrated bloodworms every 2-3 weeks if it's not getting gnats.

Water: Butt chugging (sits in tray of distilled water). Prefers to have the water level fairly low. Reduce watering during winter.

Dormancy: None, but leaves shrink to become a winter rosette of non-carnivorous leaves.

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