Pinguicula Florian

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Pinguicula florian is a beautiful tiny ping with bright vibrant colors, it’s a cross from p. Debbertiana and p. esseriana. 

You will receive approximately 1/2 inch clone. 

Please see supplies section for summer and winter shipping, with out a heat pack or cool pack we are not responsible for plants that arrive cooked or with frost damage, refunds will not be issued if you fail to add one to your order during hot and cold weather spikes.

Mature size: 1-2 inches in diameter
Light: full sun or grow light equivalent
Soil: pumice, lava rock, silica sand, vermiculite, perlite mix equal parts 
Feeding: dried bloodworms, diluted foliar fertilizer such as maxsea once a month
Humidity: 50-80% with adequate airflow
Water: While in its carnivorous phase, provide enough distilled water/rain water for the substrate to be damp but not wet. 
Temperature: 55-85°F
Dormancy: none, but leaves shrink in winter to non-carnivorous succulent leaves. Reduce watering and allow periods of drying out. 

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