Pinguicula “Chalice”

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Pinguicula ‘Chalice’ is the first Goldeneye successful cross with Laueana ‘Red’. It’s one of two that successfully grew from 7 tiny seeds. Chalice is a very slow growing ping, however is very striking with its floppy bright red leaves in summer to its tiny goldeneye button shape in succulent phase. This ping got the best from both parents! She’s our holy grail! 

-in winter pings may arrive in succulent phase which will make your clone smaller, it will grow bigger leaves in spring/summer- 

‼️Please see supplies section for summer and winter shipping, with out a heat pack or cool pack we are not responsible for plants that arrive cooked or with frost damage, refunds will not be issued if you fail to add one to your order during hot and cold weather spikes.‼️ 

Soil- lava rock, pumice, perlite, vermiculite, peat moss. (Chalice has delicate leaves and does not like having overly wet substrates.) 

Water- top water with distilled water in winter and butt chug in summer. 

Light- full sun or equal grow light, chalice really pops with intense lighting. 

Dormancy- none, but chalice has a succulent phase like most Mexican pings.

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